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The Road To Today: A Pirl Timeline

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It has been a great month and a half for Pirl so far since release; it seems like it was only last week. The Pirl team has grown considerably in this time, producing some great work, with only greater things to come. Here is a look back at the road traveled thus far:

08/25/2017 – Pre-Ann on Bitcointalk

09/30/2017 – Release Day!

09/30/2017 – Guru Meditation joins team as a community manager.

09/30/2017 – indiealexh joins the team as a web developer.

10/02/2017 – johnnystar joins the team as a community manager.

10/02/2017 – Community Forums Opened https://forum.pirl.io

10/03/2017 – Pirl is listed at Stocks.Exchange

10/04/2017 – ssowellsvt joins the team as a community manager and content creator.

10/06/2017 – chrisno joins the team as a developer.

10/06/2017 – https://wallet.pirl.io web wallet working release.

10/09/2017 – 1,000 Pirl Giveaway Contest – Twitter Promotion – Ended 10/31/2017

10/14/2017 – GUI Wallet Pre-Release

10/20/2017 – cryptoduke joins the team as a community and social media manager

10/24/2017 – Official Pirl Discord Opened To the Public – https://discord.gg/z4faFxD

10/27/2017 – Arsonic joins the team as web developer and graphic designer

10/28/2017 – Added to coinmarketcap. https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/pirl/

10/29/2017 – Pirl is added to Cryptopia Exchange. https://www.cryptopia.co.nz

10/30/2017 – Elpix joins the team as a frontend/backend web developer.

10/30/2017 – oliveskin joins the team as a community/reddit manager.

10/31/2017 – Video demo of beta masternode released. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NSztA3cdDIo&feature=youtu.be

10/31/2017 – Facebook Page Opened – https://www.facebook.com/PirlOfficial/

11/03/2017 – Listed on WhatToMine – https://whattomine.com/coins/211-pirl-ethash

11/03/2017 – Zalli joins the team as a back-end developer.

11/05/2017 – GUI Wallet Pre-Release Update

11/07/2017 – postfix joins the team as a smart contract developer.

11/08/2017 – Reddit campaign Phase 1 “Sharing is Caring” is started, ended 11/11/2017

11/09/2017 – phatblinkie joins the team as a community manager.

11/10/2017 – [0x1337] joins the team as a developer.

11/12/2017 – Official Website Redesign Released https://www.pirl.io

Pirl does has some things upcoming in the roadmap. First, masternodes will be implemented by the end of the year. 20,000 Pirl collateral is required to run a masternode. This doesn’t lock away your Pirl, you can spend it whenever you wish, but you need 20,000 at all times to have a valid masternode running. As of right now, what we know about masternode compensation is that 1 Pirl per block will be split among them. But, it is not planned to be left at that. There will be other features implemented that will add to the masternode compensation fund. Secondly, a marketplace utilizing the power of smart contracts will be introduced. Implementing user profiles, people will be able to purchase goods, services, and shop for jobs on the Pirl marketplace. Lastly, a very important feature of Pirl will be that the community will help forge the road ahead with a voting mechanism being implemented to Pirl. We want as many people to be able to participate, so that even someone with just one Pirl can help shape the future of Pirl and its community.

We would like to thank the community for your ongoing support, and are looking forward to the future. Pirl has come a long way, but there are many, many exciting things to come.

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