State Of Pirl – Issue#1

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Dear Community,

We are young but we constantly grow together, every new day sets us a step closer to our goals. We would like to update you in details with our journey and the road ahead of us.

Where are we today ?

During the past two months we had our adventures, our community was put to a test with the raging markets,fear of asics, the need of a soft fork and implementation of geth updates and monetary policy. We had to run a ship through a storm together and we did just fine.

What you might not know is that during this same period PIRL never stopped to take a breath.

Our team have completed various heavy tasks with ease and started working on twice more while we also have good progress on the new masternode networks and are getting closer to the monetary policy changes @ block 2,000,000

New website and corporate identity

Maximilian Breitmar – @m4x was welcomed within our ranks and showed great effort in making PIRL shine. The old website will evolve into constantly developed and updated informative portal for “everything” PIRL with a new design. In the initial release which you will experience sooner than you think, the website will have all the information updated and will later receive updates with a knowledge base, whitepaper release and different functionalities that will aid the Pirlians society.

Max will further be entertained with creating user interfaces for the newcomming applications and also prepare the complete PIRL corporate design package.

PIRL evolving into a “Blockchain Tech Company”

Our founder Julien du Bois – @Masterdubs initiated contact with top European law firm and started preparation of turning PIRL into a company. With the advancement of our technology, features and our future goals it was decided that PIRL has but one way to go.

PIRL will turn into Blockchain Tech Company, expand the team and work hard into setting new standards for user experience in decentralized applications utilizing the unlimited possibilities and use cases of blockchain and PIRL technology combined.

In the same way, the PIRL team has been rebuilt into a new corporate structure with new roles and a new workflow organization. Various tools have been implemented to help the team with project management and tracking.


The focus of PIRL team was mainly on development for the first two months of 2018.

When we talk about marketing, we want to have the confidence we can show enough of our product. Now, without shifting our focus from the product development we also have the confidence to show PIRL widely. The team was busy with research and building of marketing strategy for the year ahead. This stage will start with the release of the new website and the whitepaper.


A work that was never paused on our side. We have reached to various respected trading platforms and we sincerely hope to be able to share some great news with you as soon as possible. Our work toward introducing PIRL to top exchanges will be greatly aided by the changed legal status and the whitepaper.
We always try to be as transparent as can be about this topic, but as you all might know it is not always possible to talk about current negotiations with the exchanges.
The exchanges we are dealing with are not allowing us to talk about it and we have and had to accept a NDA about it.
We at Pirl team don’t want to risk the chance of getting listed by acting against it.


PIRL whitepaper is ready and as part of the change of PIRL legal status and to your and our security the whitepaper is currently under a legal review. Once this is complete Max will throw some Pirl beauty in it and it will be released.

Video Platform

Iskra Nikolova – @Is joined our ranks as full-time developers. She is specialized in developing decentralized applications. Currently she is developing a decentralized video sharing platform, which will showcase the possibilities of our technology and the ease of use of next generation applications.

File sharing platform

The file sharing platform is another decentralized applications in development running the same Technology as the video platform. It will also allow the dapp developers and our users to have completely decentralized storage of data solution.
It is obvious that this implementation will give you and us an unlimited number of uses of dApps

Is that all ?
We at Pirl team do not only say “We never stop”. We are living this way, no matter how hard it might be to reach our goals.

There are a many more interesting ideas and projects in development that will complete your PIRL experience and allow us to introduce our all-in-one solution which will allow you to enter a universe of functionality with a single point of entry. Everything needs its time to be ready in the desired quality & security and provide the user experience we want to offer.

Stay with us, make your suggestions, monitor our development and watch us grow together.

Sincerly yours,

Pirl Team

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