Short Update On Upcoming Changes

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As you all know we are working on big changes to the PIRL- Network.
Here you got a sneak peak on some of the upcoming changes :

The initial pirl masternode comes out of beta and we are working on a new monetary policy to fulfill the wish of the community.
This is a vital step for more upcoming updates and changes.

So what’s the news?
The news is, that the initial masternode will be released out of beta this weekend.
With this step we will lay the foundation stone for bigger, better and exciting upcoming changes to the MN and PIRL- Network.

As we stated above, we are working on the monetary policy of PIRL too.
This will be announced in an special blog and forum entry before release.
But be sure , that you will have the info about the new policy before we go live with it.
You will like it.

What does this mean for the current and future masternode owners?
Nothing will change for you with the full release of the MN.

Are there any changes to the reward with MN comes out of beta?

Do I have to change something on my MN-Hosting?
No you don’t have to change anything.
As usual we at PIRL-Team will announce the details before release, allowing enough time to make the required changes.
So be sure ! 
If something vital will be change you will know it before it goes live.

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