Sharks Incubator Program: How To Vote On Dapps Contest

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Dear Pirl Family,

The voting for qualified entries into the Shark Incubator Program DApps contest is open.

Now you can vote for your favorite project entry!

How to vote:

Step 1:
Go to

Step 2:
Install MetaMask and Click servers drop down:

Select Custom RPC -> Add

->Add -> Click Save
Now your metamask works with Pirl blockchain.

Step 3:
Deposit a small amount to be able to pay for voting (small transaction cost) in your metamask Pirl address

Step 4:
Select the project you would like to vote for by ticking the checkbox:

When you make your selection click the vote button below the list:

Your vote transaction will initialize in MetaMask, send the transaction:

Voila! Thank you for your vote!

Notes: You can only vote once for one selected entry!

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