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Pirl 2.0 AMA the 17 October 2020 at 8PM UTC+4
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Our Roadmap


Plan and document the Pirl brand for future development allowing for easy onboarding of future staff and consistent design.

Progress 100%

Develop and release wallet for Linux

Linux GUI wallet.


Progress 100%

Pirl Mining Pool

Develop and release Pirl Mining Pool

Progress 100%

Pirl Block Explorer

Develop and Release blockchain explorer!

Progress 100%

Create Wallet For Windows

Develop and release Windows wallet.

Progress 100%

Create Wallet For Mac

Develop and release Mac wallet

Progress 100%

Release Ezminer

Develop and release user-friendly application for PIRL mining.

Progress 100%

Exchanges Listing

Provide trading environment for PIRL Community.

Progress 50%

Poseidon Platform

Develop All-In-One Platform for access to all Pirl features with single point of entry.

Progress 80%

Premium Masternodes

Develop and launch the first ethash based masternode network.

Progress 100%

Implement Monetary Policy

Implement monetary policy for control over inflation and structured block rewards halving.

Progress 100%

Launch Incubator Program

Launch Incubator Program - Launch campaigns for sponsorship of startups and support for junior developers.

Progress 100%

Develop Poseidon Features

Develop and launch various decentralized applications for File storage, Entertainment and Communication

Progress 35%

Develop Decentralized Marketplace

Build decentralized products and services trading enviornment with escrow protection

Progress 15%

Register Pirl Company

Register PIRL as "Blockchain Technology" Company.

Progress 100%

Create New Wallet

Develop and release a new Pirl built wallet.

Progress 100%


PirlApp is the All-In-One platform which fuses together the PIRL universe and delivers it in your hands. Your complete PIRL experience will be available on mobile and desktop devices allowing you to enjoy your favorite decentralized applications anywhere you like.

Progress 100%

Content Masternodes

Launch Content Masternodes Network - Autonomous network for immutable content.

Progress 100%

Storage Masternodes

Launch Storage Masternodes Network - Autonomous network for decentralized storage.

Progress 50%


Allow purchase of Pirl directly in fiat using a number of payment methods and solutions allowing access to everyday users.

Progress 80%


PirlPay will allow Merchants, Ecommerce platforms and Service providers to adopt PIRL as payment option for their products and services.

Progress 100%

Pirl Mobile Wallet

The first release of mobile Pirl Wallet for IOS and Android

Progress 100%

PirlChat Beta

The pre-launch version of our 100% end-to-end encrypted and decentralized chat.

Progress 100%

PirlChat v1

Release of the production version of PirlChat on the AppStore and Google Play Store.

It includes 100% end-to-end encrypted files sharing, photos sharing, audio messages and group chat ( using IPFS masternode network )


Progress 80%

PirlPay FIAT Gateway

Enabling EUR - USD wire transfers

Progress 100%

PirlChat Desktop

PirlChat Desktop version for OSX and Windows

Progress 80%


Progress 60%

PirlApp & PirlTube Redesign

Redesign the UI/UX of PirlApp with new Pirl tools Improve PirlTube for easier use.

Progress 20%

Marlin OpenVersion

Open Marlin code ( our private IPFS ) to include more tools and benefits for online community tools.

Progress 30%

Decentralized Marlin Uploader

Decentralized Marlin uploader and replication controller of the files and websites for fault tolerance of nodes. Online payment allowing persisting uploaded content.

Progress 25%

Decentralized Marlin CDN Marketplace

Marlin CDN Marketplace to pin your content on the desired region and node to be close as possible of your clients.

Progress 30%

Pirl 2.0

Migration of current Pirl chain to POS style chain and remove mining, allowing drastically increase of TPS, scalability, and interoperability between chains.

Progress 30%

Cloud Functions

Run application function and Machine Learning using the Pirl decentralized infrastructure.

Progress 0%

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