Premium Masternodes – Official Launch

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Dear Pirl Community,

We are pleased to announce that after much development and testing, the much anticipated Pirl Masternode Network is nearing release.

Premium Masternodes

During the Beta testing period, the Premium Masternodes have being running great and for a sufficient period of time for us to have the confidence to move forward with the official release.
The beta test will end on 03/23/2018 and the first Ethereum based Masternode will be officially released under the name “Premium Masternode”.
Note: Once released, the Premium Masternode operators will be required to load and run the new binaries.

The updated .bin file will be available at
We recommend that you install the new .bin file as soon as possible.
The updated version of the masternodes binary comes with improved performance and introduces a few key changes required for the upcoming network improvements.

Last Chance to Update Pirl Binaries:
Make sure that you have the new .bin file installed before the hard fork, which will take place at block 2,000,001. Masternodes running the old binaries will not be paid after the hard fork.

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