Poseidon – Unique All-in-one Platform

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Welcome to Poseidon.

Pirl has been created with the everyday user in mind. Not only do we want the Pirl coin itself easy to access and use, but also the many features and applications made possible by the Pirl network. Poseidon is a unique all-in-one platform, where, with a single point of entry, a user can gain access to many of Pirl’s unique features and capabilities:

  • Masternodes Control Panel
  • Marketplace
  • Payment Gateway
  • Smart contracts Control Panel
  • dApps platform
  • Exchange

Ultimately, in the future, the final iteration of  Poseidon will be fully decentralized, existing as a dApp on the Pirl network.

Poseidon Features:

1. Masternodes Control Panel:

In the masternodes control panel, you can easily create, manage, and keep track of an unlimited number of masternodes. This will also track the rewards that your masternodes receive from the block rewards, and also the rewards masternodes receive from the fees associated with certain features of Poseidon. In the future, the control panel will enable users to track the online status of their masternodes as well; receiving an email or sms alert if their node is not online.

2. Marketplace

Poseidon will be the host of a unique marketplace where users will be able to conduct peer to peer trades within a safe environment. Jobs, goods, and services all will be included in the marketplace. All trades will be made via a smart contract which will automatically act as an escrow agent, ensuring that each party will fulfill their obligations in the trade.

Simply Explained:

When the seller lists a product or service, he or she will fill out the basic terms of the contract, as well as a detailed description. When a buyer chooses to purchase something from a listing, a smart contract draft is created for approval. Once the transaction is initiated, the smart contract is signed, and will only be completed once all of the contract terms are met.

As mentioned before, the marketplace will host various types of offers: goods, services, and jobs. Buyers and sellers will receive ratings and feedback from the counterparty of the completed transactions. Each seller will have the ability to create, design, and maintain his own e-shop hosted directly on the Poseidon platform. These e-shops will appear similar to those found on other popular peer to peer marketplaces today.

Masternodes will take on the role as file servers for the marketplace listings, utilizing ipfs technology. For those people wanting to personalize their listings on the marketplace, html and javascript will be able to used to design them, and images will be able to be uploaded. The code and images will be redundantly saved and served by the Pirl masternode network.

Masternode owners will receive 50% of the marketplace fees for providing this service, with the other 50% of fees being burned as an anti inflationary measure.

3. Payment Gateway

The payment gateway is an integral part of the Poseidon ecosystem. It is a state of the art feature that will seamlessly link the masternodes payment system, the marketplace, the exchange (described further down), and any other store on the internet.

Masternode Payment:

Rewards to those people operating masternodes will be deposited directly into the payment gateway system. Users will be able to transfer the Pirl to another address, spend the Pirl on the marketplace, exchange the Pirl for fiat, or make purchases on the web stores that utilize the payment gateway as a checkout option.


A buyer picks an item from the marketplace and proceeds to purchase. If he or she uses the payment gateway as a payment option, it transfers and locks the required Pirl into a smart contract. When the smart contract terms are fulfilled, the seller receives the payment in Pirl.

Web Store:

A unique feature of the payment gateway is that any store on the internet can implement the Poseidon payment gateway as a checkout option. This means that even if something is being sold for fiat, the gateway will calculate the amount of Pirl equal to the fiat asking price, and transfer that amount of Pirl to the seller. Plug-ins that enable the Poseidon Payment Gateway will be available for many popular shopping carts.

As with the marketplace, 50% of the fees charged by the gateway will be included in the masternode reward system, and the other 50% will be burned.

4. Smart Contracts Creator

This feature of Poseidon aims to bring the amazing possibilities of smart contracts to users with little or no knowledge of implementing them. A user friendly process will walk you through a process in which you will be able to outline the smart contract terms. After this, Poseidon will walk you through creating the smart contract in simple, easy to understand steps. With the Pirl team and the community working together on this, we are hoping this will evolve over time into the perfect application to set up smart contracts of all kinds.

5. dApps

Along with the dApps (decentralized apps) created and deployed by the Pirl team, Poseidon will allow the Pirl community to create and deploy their own dApps onto the platform. This offers endless opportunities and possibilities for things such as decentralized chat apps, breeding of cryptobots, and whatever else you can think of. The limit here is not the moon, but the size of your imagination.

    6. Exchange

As mentioned previously, there will be an exchange on the Poseidon platform. This will give users the ability to exchange Pirl for other currencies at market rates. As with other exchanges, market rates will be determined by the buy and sell orders on the exchange. Extremely low fees will be charged for this feature, and just as previously mentioned, 50% of these fees will be included in masternode rewards, and 50% will be burned.

    7. Poseidon Wallet

Poseidon wallet will be used for all transactions within the platform. The withdraw fee of the wallet is 1% of which 50% will be awarded to masternodes while other 50% will be burned.

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