Pirl Chat

PirlChat is a completely decentralized and encrypted messaging system. Unlike most traditional communication apps, with PirlChat there is zero exposure. The messages don’t rely on any middleware or centralized servers. With PirlChat you can preserve your private data and communications. Pirls secure infrastructure ensures your data is safely out of the reach of hackers and large corporations that may be interested in trading your personal information.


Secure way to Communicate


PirlChat doesn't collect any data, doesn't require a phone number or e-mail address.

Full Encryption

End-To-End Encrypted. Only Sender and Receiver of a message can view it, no-one else. You own and have the encryption key.

Voice Messages

Send end Receive 100% Decentralized and encrypted voice chat.



You and only you can control your data. Nothing shared by/to third parties.

Group Chat

Enjoy fully encrypted PirlChat Group. Share all in one place with friends and family without being spied.

Photos sharing

Want to share a picture? Go ahead it's encrypted and Decentralized. Thanks to the Pirl network.

Pirl Blockchain

All your messages, files, pictures, voice messages are proceeding in the Pirl blockchain and IPFS. That made it 100% Decentralized and with no central server. The team provides a free endpoint to connect, but you can easily run your own. Goodbye censure.


Pirl Chat Security

Create account

App creates an account offline

Private key is stored in encrypted storage inside the device

Join contract

Handle initial funding to be able to execute method(s) on the smart contract

Join method on smart contract is executed with the account's public key and it is stored on the contract

Encrypt contract

Compute ECDH (secp256k1) secret with recipient's public key and user's private key

Encrypt message with the ECDH secret and aes256 algorithm

Decrypt message

Compute ECDH (secp256k1) secret with sender's public key and user's private key

Decrypt message with the ECDH secret and aes256 algorithm

Other security aspects

Your private key is only kept in the encrypted storage on your device. It is never sent anywhere. It is loaded into the memory when the app is launched. The recovery phrase is essentially your private key. Messages are decrypted only on runtime rendering. They are stored as encrypted text.

The currently used algorithm is aes256. In the future you will be able to choose between algorithms, once more handlers have been implemented.



You said blockchain?

PirlChat is powered by the Pirl blockchain. Each message is a transaction recorded on the blockchain and is completely encrypted. For each conversation a new key is generated. The key is only available to the chatting parties and cannot be re-generated. The messages are only readable between the sender and the receiver and cannot be decrypted by any other parties.