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Hello Community,

Lately the team behind Pirl have being running well on development while the availability of our current community managers have being decreasing due to various reasons which led us to fall shorthanded on several community and content creation tasks.

We understand that the information availability and marketing are very important for everyone and for the project as well.

Therefor we will be making a small reorganization in the team, the people who are currently in the team but are no longer able to contribute to the project will be excluded, and make way to some fresh workforce that is so badly needed for Pirl.

The position that got filled today is:

  • Community Manager – Content Writing – Taken By Mickey Maler (@test.object.001)

The positions that we will be looking to cover are:

  • Community Manager – Discord Manager
  • Community Manager – Video Content Creator & PirlTube Ambassador

We already have in mind 2 people that would be good fit for this positions and we will get in touch with them briefly.

This will be the first stage of the reorganization, after which we will monitor the situation to see if we are able to completely cover the task lists.

For this current opening positions and possible future positions within the team, we welcome everybody to send us resume and portfolio through this form: https://goo.gl/forms/ejd47QLH9LNuxKon2

We will be getting in touch with candidates who would be fit to various roles in the team when a suitable position is opened.

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