PIRL Status Report – March 1/2

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Welcome to the first issue of the Pirl BI-Weekly Report. What I will be trying to do is keep everyone as up to date as possible on all things Pirl.


The Pirl Team is currently looking to fill a new position. If you are fluent in English and Japanese, head on over to this page to read more.


New Addition
You may have seen a new name in the sidebar on the discord server lately. We would like to welcome semco as a new community manager!

Cryptopia Problems Over?
After months of issues, Cryptopia looks to have finally completed their infrastructure upgrades. We had slowly been seeing improvements over the past couple weeks, but now it looks like everything is back to normal (for the most part). Users with stuck withdrawals and deposits have reported that they have now been completing. Performing a deposit or withdrawal now completes within minutes. For those that still have stuck transactions, make sure you have a support ticket submitted, and be patient as they work their way to you.

New Exchange BTC-Alpha
Pirl has been listed on a new exchange, BTC-Alpha, paired with BTC, ETH, and USD. With the problems that Cryptopia has had over the past couple months, the Pirl team has made it a priority to add more exchanges big, or small, to bolster the liquidity of Pirl on the market. I have tested withdrawals and deposits with Pirl on the exchange, and they were performed quickly with no issues. This exchange also makes it easy for people to buy Pirl directly with USD instead of having to use multiple exchanges.

Pirl is in the process of being added to the Coinomi mulitcoin wallet. Coinomi is available for both Android and iOS, and supports a plethora of crypto coins and tokens, many of which can be exchanged via ShapeShift of Changelly (this is not currently available for Pirl).

Nautilus 0.9.2 Released
Developer @chrisno has released a new version of Pirl’s desktop wallet, Nautilus to 0.9.2

  • changed Version to match mist version
  • fixed some typo
  • added Poseidon Explorer links and linkTexts
  • removed Diver Links
  • removed Shapeshift PopUp on fresh Install

The newest version of Nautilus will always be available on Pirl’s Github. https://github.com/pirl/nautilus/releases

For suggestions/bug reports, please use the Issues tracker at Github. https://github.com/pirl/nautilus/issues

In The Works

@0x1337 has been slaving away on a new version of EZMiner for everyone! Also in the works is a brand new mining video that I’m sure everyone will enjoy.

For those that visit Pirl’s Github , you may have noticed some activity in the Pirl Core repository. Geth Iceberg² 1.8.1 integration into Pirl is currently being tested and evaluated. Notably for Pirl, this upgrade addresses problems occurring with sending large numbers of transactions at once where some transactions were being lost from the txpool before having a chance to be added.

Developer NflGreen has just started work on a Pirl wallet for both Android and iOS. Even though Pirl is slated to be added to Coinomi, we felt it’s important to provide multiple options to our users. These wallets will provide simple, easy to use interfaces for sending and receiving Pirl coins; especially useful for people that don’t wish to have an app cluttered with other coins and functions.

Pirl.io homepage is currently being redesigned. Along with a visual makeover, new content is going to be added as well to keep the website in step with Pirl’s development.

Community Notes
I caught a public message form user Antonio in discord last Thursday:

next Monday I will be in Milan to talk about Pirl to a company working in the robotic industry, I can’t disclose the details but I think they can be interested in the IPFS and the features of Pirl Storage Masternode

What can this mean for Pirl? We can only guess, but let’s hope he has some news for us in the coming week.

For those who haven’t yet seen it, user @centidogu has a great webpage showing masternode stats and investment data. Visit http://pirltv.shareis.com/1 to take a look.


These past couple months have been trying for the entire crypto community as a whole. Undeterred, we in the Pirl team have continued our work, and are looking forward to upcoming market recovery. Thank you all for your continued support!

** If you have something that should be added into the weekly report please head on over to the Pirl discord server at https://discord.gg/z4faFxD and let us know in the #suggestion channel!

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