PIRL Mining For Beginners

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What is Mining?

Mining is the process of creation of new blocks in the Blockchain, each block processes transaction within the network and rewards certain amount of coins to the miners.

By providing hash power to the network each miner is rewarded with share of the block reward if he is mining into a pool, or complete block reward if he is solo mining.

Should I mine?

If you have a good GPU which spends a lot of time in idle you can use its power to pay for itself when you are not using it.

With today`s profitability of PIRL you can earn anything in the range of 2$ (AMD Rx 470) up to 4-5$ (AMD Vega56 – GTX 1080Ti) depending on your GPU.

With such profit you can easily return the investment you did with purchasing your GPU.

Why should I mine PIRL?

PIRL is a rather new project with great goals, hardworking team and devoted community. Besides being one of the most profitable coins to mine, PIRL has everything yet to come.

The project brings innovation to the crypto world by introducing the first ever Masternode network built on Ethash (Ethereum).

The future of the project is targeting safe and user-friendly environment where non-technical users will be able to – Mine, Trade, Spent and safe keep their digital assets on first of its kind all in one platform called Poseidon.

The team have developed easymining software (EzMiner) PIRL EzMiner : Mine PIRL in 3 easy steps ! 
You can join PIRL discord channel – https://discord.gg/sxTuhY  where you will meet a helpful crowd and a dedicated mining support
And we will get you through anything you might have problems figuring out yourself.

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