PIRL Masternode Networks Rewards

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Pirl Masternode Networks Rewards

Pirl’s 3 Layered Masternode Network development is progressing better than expected with Premium Masternodes network being live with more than 600 active Masternodes and Content Masternodes network near completion of a successful beta testing. By making a step further everyday Pirl is getting closer to be the most sophisticated smart contracts capable infrastructure on the market.

What are Premium/Content/Storage Masternodes and how are they rewarded ?

How will the masternode rewards change in the future ?

The masternode rewards will change proportionally according to the Pirl Monetary Policy.

However their first block reward change will only occur after block 12,000,000 which is roughly estimated to occur in 2022.

Block Rewards Change Structure And Estimation On Coin Supply


Meanwhile the miner rewards will be lowered every 2,000,000 blocks until they equalize with the rewards of the masternode network.

Sincerely yours,

Pirl Team

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