PIRL Masternode Network – New Features – Payouts Activated!

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It has been a few months since the birth of the Pirl Project, and the team would like to express our gratitude to the Community. The Pirl Community is the bedrock of support for the project, fostering original ideas, encouraging collaboration, and creating solid friendships. Most importantly, we are proud of how helpful and active the community is. These characteristics have laid a foundation for the sustained growth and expansion of the project and community in a very short time.

Now, on to the main topic of this announcement, Masternodes! After just a few weeks of testing the masternodes, what has been completed is impressive:

  • Poseidon is released as the center of not only the Pirl Masternodes, but also many incoming features of Pirl.
  • A basic explorer has been implemented within Poseidon.
  • The first steps towards implementing the Pirl Gateway have been made.
  • 161 Masternodes already online!

From the beginning, we have had a vision for Pirl to have real-world use cases; to be able to be used by everyday people, commercial entities, and even governmental institutions. We are currently pursuing an important part of reaching this goal: storage for the blockchain. We will be offering two storage types: public and private.

The public storage solution will be utilizing IPFS technology to provide file hosting for the marketplace and future dApps. Putting files directly onto the blockchain is not efficient by any means, so this public storage will be taking care of that problem. The marketplace and dApps will now have access to storage for any type of files such as images and data for user interfaces, product descriptions for the marketplace, or even video content….there are endless possibilities.

The private storage solution will open up an exciting niche to the future Pirl marketplace. Users will be able to offer digital downloadable goods directly on the marketplace. Yes, customers will be able to download purchased digital media directly from the platform, allowing artists, writers, and coders to offer their work for sale directly to the public without middlemen.

Not only does the private storage solution offer capabilities to the Pirl Marketplace, but more importantly, it also can be utilized by businesses and individuals as a reliable, secure, backup solution. A decentralized, redundant, fully encrypted backup storage solution will entice the business world into using the Pirl platform; thus furthering Pirl’s reach into everyday usage.

Thus, we are happy to introduce two new Pirl Masternodes into the Poseidon ecosystem. The Pirl Content Masternode (public, decentralized file distribution via IPFS for the marketplace and Pirl dApps), and the Pirl Storage Masternode (private file storage featuring full encryption and decentralized redundancy). The type of masternodes that are currently operating will now be referred to as Pirl Premium Masternodes, and will be required to run all three masternode binaries.

Here is the outline for the current Pirl Masternode System:

Pirl Premium Masternode (Currently deployed in testing)

  • 20,000 Pirl Collateral
  • A dedicated or VPS Linux server.
  • Static public IP Address
  • Run the main node, collateral node, and storage node binaries.
  • Rewarded on 1 Pirl per block for the main node, and also respective rewards for both the collateral and storage nodes (see below).

Pirl Content Masternode

  • 10,000 Pirl Collateral
  • A dedicated or VPS Linux server.
  • Static public IP Address
  • Run the content node binary.
  • Rewarded according to bandwidth used.

Pirl Storage Masternode

  • 10,000 Pirl Collateral
  • A dedicated or VPS Linux server.
  • Static public IP Address
  • Run the storage node binary.
  • Rewarded according to storage space, and bandwidth used.

Recommended Minimum Hardware Specifications For Any Masternode:

  • 4GB Memory
  • 20GB Hard Drive Space
  • 3TB Data Transfer

Something to keep in mind with these two new masternodes, is that rewards will be tied to the usage of these features. As more people and businesses utilize the file storage and distribution features offered, more Pirl will be distributed to these masternode owners. So, please keep in mind that there is no calculable ROI for these types of masternodes at this time.

Poseidon is, and will continue to be, in beta testing for the foreseeable future (including all of its components such as the gateway, masternodes, marketplace, etc). As a bonus for early masternode beta testers, we enabled a partial payment of 25% of the masternode block reward. We don’t want masternode investors to be waiting any longer than necessary for full payouts, so we will roll out full masternode rewards today at midnight tonight, February 7 CEST! We would like to thank all of the masternode owners for their help and patience during this development phase. While we are not out of beta testing, masternode operators deserve optimal compensation for their investment and faith in Pirl.

We are all very excited about the possibilities these new features will open up for Pirl and its community. We have come a long way in a very short time, but taking into consideration the plans we have for Pirl, our journey has only just begun. Thank you all for your continued support!

  • The Pirl Team

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