PIRL Ezminer : Mine Pirl In 3 Easy Steps !

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Pirl EzMiner has just been released !

If you are a experienced miner or a complete newbie, PIRL EzMiner is the fastest and easiest way to mine PIRL on your Windows PC !
There is two versions of EzMiner : Claymore and Eminer, both are compatible with nVidia or AMD cards.

How to use EzMiner :

Miner is setting up for the first launch, once it is done you will see the main window :

Step 1 :
Choose a pool in the list, pick one close to your location for a better latency.

Step 2 :
If you have Pirl Oystr wallet installed on your computer, PIRL EzMiner will automatically detect your PIRL address.
If you don’t have Oystr, you can download it from the website : https://pirl.io

You can also manually paste your address in the Pirl Adress field.

Step 3:
Click on the Start Miner button

Congrats ! You are now mining PIRL !

You can check your mining speed and reward on the pool’s website, by entering your PIRL address in the search field
Here is an example with pirl-pool.com :

The advanced settings window will let you choose :
Intensity :

  • low intensity : better GPU stability and temperature, but lower hashrate.
  • high intensity : better hashrate, but more power consumption and higher temp

Beware that your system may become unstable with the highest intensity !

View Miner Debug
Show the miner output cmd, for a direct monitoring.

Do not stop the miner by closing the Claymore cmd window ! Always use the Stop Miner button in the main EzMiner window

Note :
It is recommended to use a OC software like MSI afterburner or EVGA Precision OCX to manage your GPU fans settings.

Enjoy mining PIRL with EzMiner !

Planned in the next updates : Linux / MAC version and dual mining.

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