Pirl and Vseed revolutionize the medical business

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Pirl and Vseed revolutionize the medical business

Pirl is excited to announce a long term partnership with joint venture Vseed. Vseed will use the full suite of Pirl services including their Blockchain network, Smart Contracts, PirlPay and their FIAT payments Gateway. Vseed is active in the healthcare sector, CBD treatments, healthcare research and crowd farming, and has chosen Pirl for its reliability and strong blockchain presence. 


Pirl and Vseed feel that both organizations’ collaborative effort together will herald a revolution and benefit both blockchain and healthcare technologies.

Although Blockchain has continued to grow over recent years there have been relatively few cases of real adoption when compared to other new technologies, as always Pirl would like to break that tendency. As proof of this effort and with great sincerity and hope, we are now allowed to make the latest achievements public with this announcement.


The first step is to deploy a set of smart contracts and a personalized desktop interface, allowing management of the seeds in a way that offers full transparency to investors. Beginning with CBD production, investors will be able to track the complete process from planting of seeds to sales. After validating and testing this process will be expanded to include other seed crops in the farming industry. 


Following the successful integration of Vseed and Pirl, the next innovative deployment will be the LifePlusChain, which will also utilize Pirl infrastructure and technology. This will be a system that utilizes neuronal plasticity, intelligent movement, Big Data and AI to individualize, adapt, analyse and evaluate tests and treatments and generate predictive models. Ultimately constituting a global knowledge and communication network. (Details to follow at a later date.) 


Vseed’s primary goal is to improve the lives of others by generating wealth through smart contract CrowdFarming. They involve farmers, healthcare researchers and academics by offering them a crowd Farming model based on smart contracts which provide a genuine win-win outcome. 


Their mission is not only money-focused. They also aim to provide underprivileged people with the opportunity to use the CrowdFarming model as a charity by combining ground-breaking innovation and technology.


Vseed is not coming out of nowhere; they already have strong partnerships with prestigious institutions including various universities and are achieving goals with strong partners. Details can be found in the picture below. 

In summary, Pirl is extremely proud and honored to be part of this venture, and cannot wait to see real people benefit from this partnership.


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