PIRL – A Look Back At The Last Month

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The past month was very exciting and special for all of us on the Pirl team. We are all hard at work, and will continue to make every coming month just as special. There are a lot of new faces joining the Pirl community these days.

In order to inform new members, and also have a nice reference for current community members, we would like to give a short recap regarding all of the developments and activities within Pirl in the past month.


Considering a large portion of the past month was during the holidays, development in particular experienced spectacular progress:

– The Poseidon platform and Masternode beta test was launched.
– The new Pirl wallet Nautilus was fully released, leaving Oystr behind as a part of Pirl’s history.
– The Bespoke Pirl Explorer “Diver” was released as an alpha version, with development progressing regularly
– The Pirl “EzMiner” was fully released with incoming updates.
– Masternode payments have successfully been tested, with more tests currently being performed.


Pirl mining statistics have been trending upward in the past month, often climbing to the top of WhatToMine’s most profitable currency list.

– Network hashrate doubled from 600Gh/s to 1220Gh/s
– Miner and investors in the  Pirl community who have held coins since November are looking at a +900% profit.
– Miner and investors in the  Pirl community who have held coins since December are looking at about a +250% profit.


Pirl’s focus is that of a community project. The health and growth of the community is of the utmost importance. We are very proud of the strength and dedication that members of the community have brought forth. It is a beautiful thing seeing the love everyone has for Pirl, and the help and support shown to everyone in the community.

– In the past month, our miners, twitter followers, and discord membership has doubled.
– The core of the community is constantly growing on the Pirl discord server; helping each other, sharing suggestions, and also sharing their    love for Pirl. This moral support is vital to the strength of the Pirl team.
– More than 70 people invested into a Masternode before the official launch; contributing to the testing even when there was no planned        compensation implemented yet.
– There is a constantly growing group of Pirl Ambassadors who spread the word about Pirl, sharing our tweets and distributing our news.      This organic growth is a large part of how our community is growing…making people aware of the project and its growing ecosystem.


To say the least, the cryptocurrency markets have been crazy last month. We have all witness what some may call “bloodbaths” on four separate occasions during this time, where 90% of the markets were at a loss.

Pirl showed great strength and resiliency during those trying times. While the markets were down 30 to 40%, Pirl stood its ground and continued its exponential growth.



With so much going on with Pirl recently, marketing had not been a top priority in Q4 2017. Our team had to focus on development so that a top quality product was released. The New Year has started with a big part of that development completed, with the remaining work being finished at a swift pace.

Stay tuned because we have a plenty planned for this year in regards to marketing, with any one of your able to take part in those efforts.

Last Words

We can all see that we had a spectacular past month, but friends, this is just the beginning. Thank you for being a part of our community, and you continued support!

Sincerely Yours,

The Pirl Team

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