Insights Of A Crypto Enthusiast, Miner And Trader

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Why #PIRL?

Insights of a Crypto enthusiast, miner and trader…

What is PIRL ?

Pirl is fairly new project that caught my attention in Mid-November, I was brought to it following my miner interest. Shortly after I decided to start on my deep insights investigation of the project which would make me decide the faith of my mined coins.

First overall impressions:

– Serious and transparent team – No hidden faces

– Very active and rapidly growing community

– Good stability and constant growth in price

– Roadmap is strictly followed.

– No Pre-mine

– No ICO 

This made me look deeper into the projects technology aspects. There is way too many new coins spawning that clone codes and barely add any features, I had to know what is the case with PIRL.

I was honestly impressed by the initiative of the team to bring new technology and contribute to world of Crypto.

First technology and development impressions:

– The first MN Eth code project with carefully designed MN economics 

– Payment gateway with ESCROW Service

– Decentralized marketplace which will utilize MN, Payment gateway and escrow

– Community voting system 

– Trezor implementation

– Daily updates on development progress

– Hardworking team that delivers as promised.

After 2 years of mining and trading ETH i finally had this old feeling in my guts that the project I invest my mining power, and trading capital is going places and I should go long.

Why did I invest in PIRL ?

Having in mind the listed impressions above and my experience with Crypto miners and trader behavior, it was like putting 2+2 together.

I personally use a very simple and very effective graph for taking investment decisions:

Basically I ask myself this questions, I research the available information and if I like the answer I`m confident that this is a good investment.

Other than that I analyze the possible price movements based on the know future.

In the case with PIRL those are my expectations:

Then I do a quick analyze on the charts.

The current charts show great confidence with stable daily gains:

Community initialized vote in twitter also shows their confidence and expectations for the project as MN Beta release is closing by:

In order to sum it up, as I closely follow the events all I can see ahead of PIRL is a bright future and something that can really be used as a tool. Therefor I`m fueling my rocket and I put my long term bets on PIRL. Good luck!

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