!! IMPORTANT !! PIRL Genesis Bug Fix

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Hello Pirl Community,

As you are all aware, there was a bug discovered in the Ethereum source code, that contained the premine of the Ethereum Foundation.
The PIRL Team took immediate actions to prepare a fix, which will effectively reset the Premine Address to zero.

This fix was prepared in matter of hours and we started a complete battery of backend testing, to ensure data integrity and functionality upon applying the fix.

We have successfully completed the testing and the fix will be applied with a soft fork (UASF).
Be sure that you update your masternodes, pools, and wallets before block 1,209,150.

When will the fix roll out?

We are planning to roll out the fix as soon as possible.
If you are just a Pirl wallet user there is no immediate action required.
Pool or masternode owners will need to act as soon as possible due to the required changes.

With block 1,209,151  the chain will fork, pool or masternodes will not be able to interact with the main network without their geth or .bin updated.
Make sure you have Masternode V3 as version in “Poseidon” (https://poseidon.pirl.io/) after the update.

What do I have to do as a Pirl user ?
As Pirl-user, you will get a wallet update which you will have to download and install.
The wallet will notify you about a new update.
Just simply download and install the update and you are ready to go.

Please make sure that your wallet version is the latest 0.9.2 (http://release.pirl.io/downloads/wallet/) to be able to update to the new node. Older wallet versions might get a node connection error.
If that happens feel free to contact us in our discord.

What do I have to do as a Pirl node operator ?

As node operator or pool admin you will have to update your node.
If you don’t do this, Pirl will fork and you will not be part of the main network.
It is vital that you update your node at the time of the fork, which will be block 1,209,151.

The new node can be downloaded here https://github.com/pirl/pirl/releases/tag/

What do I have to do as a Masternode operator ?

The owners of a Masternode need to update their masternode by installing the new .bin on their masternodes.
This .bin file will be released at http://release.pirl.io/downloads/masternode/

version v3-masternode-stable

We recommend that you install the new .bin file as soon as possible.
The updated bin runs faster, smoother and is ready for upcoming changes of the pirl network.


Make sure that you as masternode owners have the new binary installed immediately, otherwise your payments will stop.

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