Importance Of The Service Masternodes

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Imagine the human brain, 100 billion neurons interacting into various signals and data transfers continuously in our heads. But we are still limited in operation as we can simultaneously only do a single process when we are concentrated and barely run some background processes.

We are also limited in the volume of the information that can go through the signals accessing different parts of our brains.

The human brain is very similar to the blockchain technology the carried data into the blocks is very limited and most attempts to scale it to our needs fail, just like if you try to remember an entire novel you’ve read in a single neuron interaction.

How can we improve ?

Now imagine having an entire network of other brains that process and store this information and deliver it to your brain completely ready to use in a big volume without even making you put much efforts to do it, while this exact information is unable to be erased or forgotten.

Except being independant storage of immutable data, the service nodes are being distributed in every corner of the globe possibly allowing low latency connection to the entire network from everywhere.This is what a service masternode networks can do for the blockchain technology.

What are the benefits and how can this increase dramatically decentralized applications functionality ?

The main benefits of having service masternode networks:

  • Decentralization:

The main idea behind a DApp is being decentralized. Recently in the blockchain ecosystem we see many DApps being introduced while majority of them are called such only because the main interactions go through smart contracts and transactions are stored in the blockchain. Meanwhile those applications hold certain data stored on large cloud providers. This part of the decentralized application infrastructure takes away the idea of actual decentralized application as it cannot perform without a central authority and often has a single point of failure. Besides the above, the data kept on those servers is mutable and vulnerable.

Having a service masternode network that holds this data completes the decentralized infrastructure and functionality of the application while being completely encrypted.

  • Performance

The immutable data stored in the service masternode networks is distributed on hundreds of servers across the globe, providing fast and reliable connection no matter the users location.

The computual power of such network outperforms greatly the most common solution of single servers placed in each continent.If a single masternode from the service network fails the network is not anyhow endangered as there is hundreds of backups.

  • Functionality

If decentralized application take an approach of being completely decentralized on a platform that does not have complete infrastructure and only relies on its blockchain. The functionality of such DApp will be very limited as all the data being saved and transferred in blockchain will be limited to encrypted text. That limits the possible functionalities of the DApp drastically and hardly allows easy to use UI and many other “extras” we are used to experience in traditional applications.

  • Immutability

For blockchain we know that the data that enters a block is immutable, this information cannot be altered or erased.Once the information enters a block and receive a hash it stays there for good. The same principle applies for the data stored in the service masternode networks. Each new input enters the content-addressed block storage model, with content-addressed hyperlinks that forms a generalized Merkle directed acyclic graph (DAG) with distributed hash table, an incentivized block exchange, and a self-certifying namespace.

  • Security & Privacy

Running your decentralized application on service masternodes enabled blockchain with those functionality can greatly improve the security for a few reasons:

  • No single point of failure
  • Complete encryption of application data
  • Complete encryption of user personal information
  • No DDoS

PIRL team is proud to be the first to develop and innovate in that direction.

We believe that adoption of blockchain technology depends on continuous improvement and innovation in the fields of technology and user experience.

Reaching the point of Decentralized applications being as easy to use as traditional applications while taking the advantage of decentralized application is critical for the future adoption.

If you would like to learn more you can reach us through social media with your questions.

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