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Pirl 2.0 AMA the 17 October 2020 at 8PM UTC+4
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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What is Pirl ?

Pirl is a 3-layered Masternode network blockchain that harnesses the power of Smart Contracts, EVM, Web3 and service masternode networks to provide decentralized storage and immutable (read: unchangeable -secure) content. The main goal of the project is to improve the functionality and performance of Decentralized applications and set new standards for user experience and to provide a real use for blockchain technology. PIRL is using the already laid technological foundation to develop a unique all-in-one platform with easy-to-use features for file storage, communication, entertainment and p2p marketplace trading. 


How do we innovate ?

The Pirl team has developed the first masternode capable of working on a DAG structured Ethash blockchain. In addition to this, Pirl brings with it a unique 3-layered Masternode service which offers a number of unique functionalities for its users. The infrastructure developed by the Pirl team brings the most complete DApp hosting solution developed to date to the table and offers dramatically improved performance and endless possibilities for developers and users alike.

Benefits of hosting a DApp on Pirl ?

The currently available platforms for DApps leave a lot to be desired. Not only have these networks proved slow and expensive to use in practice, they are severely limited in their utility because they only support the transfer and processing of text data. This means that they all rely on centralized storage for DApps data. We can do better.

By introducing a network of IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) masternodes, Pirl is able to host completely decentralised apps without centralized storage. This means high volumes of data processed and stored with high efficiency, zero duplication, and with extreme resilience. Natural disasters? Systems offline? Consolidation of control of the internet? Let’s say no to all of that.

What is a masternode ?

Masternodes are a series of servers that underpin a blockchain’s network. They are responsible for enabling specific services that cannot be accomplished by miners using a Proof of Work system alone.

Much like with Proof of Stake, masternodes rely on “staking” (or locking up) a certain amount of the currency within the currency’s network.  Masternodes protect blockchains from network attacks in much the same way as traditional proof of stake algorithms. It’s expensive to accumulate enough currency to create a masternode, and prohibitively expensive to accumulate enough currency to have a monopoly on the entire masternode network. This cost of operation also helps to keep operators honest and invested in the future of the coin, incentivising them to properly maintain their masternodes.

Once it is live, the masternode accommodates a unique series of functions.  For Pirl, these functions include Content Storage, Communication, Entertainment products, and P2P market trading.

What is the 3-layer masternode network ?

Pirl will run 3 separate Masternode types. Each of these serves a different purpose. Premium masternodes encompass the features of both of the other masternodes, while also supporting aspects of the Pirl Network such as peering, and consensus.

Storage Masternodes provide digital downloads for the marketplace, and can be used as a backup file server for individuals and organizations.

Content Masternodes provide publicly accessible file storage for the media needed for dApps and the marketplace to function.

What will be traded on the marketplace ?

The possibilities for the market are nearly endless. You will be able to buy and sell almost any product or service (provided it’s legal, of course!).

The marketplace will also allow dApps, smart contract developers, and artists to sell their intellectual property.

How will the marketplace protect traders ?

Trades in the marketplace will be protected through escrow smart-contracts, which enable trustless transactions with no risk of loss to the parties involved. Assigned moderators will also be able to verify that everything is running smoothly.

What is Poseidon ?

Poseidon is an all-in-one platform that gives users access to all of Pirl’s unique features and capabilities in one place.

How to obtain Pirl ?

Pirl can be obtained by mining; or purchased on various exchanges.

See here for guide on how to get started mining Pirl.

Pirl is currently listed at PirlPay Stocks.Exchange, BTC-Alpha and Sistemkoin.

What is max supply ?

The maximum supply of Pirl is approximately 157,000,000 coins. See the Pirl Monetary Policy for more information: https://pirl.io/en/pirl-monetary-policy/

Did Pirl have a premine or ICO ?

No, Pirl had 0 premine and did not operate a ICO.

Will Pirl change from PoW to PoS ?

Pirl will change algorithm with Pirl 2.0 in other to give more scalability

How will Masternodes be rewarded ?

Premium Masternodes are currently rewarded with 1 PIRL per block; which is divided amongst the currently active Masternodes on the network. This proportion will soon increase, according to the Pirl Monetary Policy.

Storage and Content Masternodes will be rewarded based on their bandwidth and storage usage.

Visit https://poseidon.pirl.io/ to see the number of masternodes currently operating.

If you have more questions, join PIRL DISCORD CHANNEL or check the PIRL social media.
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