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Hello Pirlians!

As we at PIRL headquarters like to brainstorm a lot and the project vision is to make it as much accessible to all the people with  ease, we are designing the PIRL tools clearly with that in mind.The recently updated site and wallet are  good examples of how we would like to provide solutions and  get everyone involved in this new amazing journey called crypto with high quality UI that would make everything easy, for the “noob” to the “pro” user.

Pirl miner is a child of that brainstorming and the need to make the technology accessible to more people.

Pirl miner is a simple application that guides you through 3 easy steps to mine PIRL with your AMD or Nvidia GPU.

The application take care of all the necessary modules that need to be installed in the background and setups the miner.

The user then needs to pick his pool and address to mine to.

Finally to start the miner and thats it ready to earn some PIRLS!

-Download ezMiner v.2-

  • Easy setup of  E-miner.
  • Windows 64bit / Linux / Mac Osx.
  • Direct Link to wallet creation.
  • Wallet recognition in the system Oystr/Nautilus.
  • Pool list.
  • Manual override of wallet address in case of wallet detection.
  • Advanced settings including Intensity and miner output with dashboard in e-miners case.
  • On applications UI links for everything related to PIRL and the project.
  • Direct linking via the UI to pool site for monitoring the user mining status.

Windows 64-bit coming out today stay tuned or post your suggestions for future additions  at our discord channel #ez-miner!

Linux and Mac Osx versions possible release dates are going to be announced soon.

Happy mining from the PIRL team.

PIRL 2018.

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