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Hello PIRL Community,

First of all, we want to thank all participants in the beta test.Your support is crucial for the project. The beta testing for PIRL Masternodes and Poseidon is running extremely smooth. Not a single bug was discovered on the backend in 14 days of testing. All of the findings are either Poseidon frontend minor bugs, or planned functionality updates.

Here is the status on bugs and issues:

I. Known Issues:

– No wallet withdrawal functionality – Contract for withdrawal is currently in development.

– Poseidon frontend is underperforming – Infrastructure upgrade is in progress.

– Poseidon Masternodes map is not showing certain location markers.

II.Planned Functionality Updates :

– Delete masternode (frontend)

– Rename masternode (frontend)

– Add knowledge base

– Add “change password” option in account settings

– E-Mail confirmation for wallet withdrawals

– E-Mail confirmation on vital changes of the account. (Email, Password,

– Suggestion Box (A form for submitting suggestions and desires)

– Issue/Bug Box (A form for submitting issues and bugs)

III.Fixed Bugs/Issues – Added Functionalities:

– Fixed Chrome performance issues.

– Added forgotten password functionality.

– Added blockchain-explorer to Poseidon

– Fixed masternodes block height numbers appearing not in correct order during higher load on Poseidon.

We will initiate Phase 2 of the Masternodes beta testing in January.


– Test of Masternodes payout system .
  If the payout test runs properly without issues, we will release the final version of the payout module.

– Community-test of new added functionalities.
   – improved chain explorer
   – Marketplace
   – Exchange
   – Payment gateway

Following our motto “By people for people”, Pirl’s progress depends on the community’s suggestions and desires.
If you would like to make any suggestions, please use the #suggestions channel on our Discord server.

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