Announcement “Pirlpay” Beta Testing

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Hello PIRL Community,

We would like to introduce you to “PirlPay”  the payment gateway built to service the ecosystem payments by providing easy to use secure interface for payment processing.

The feature recently brought to light from our founder Masterdubs, will allow Merchants, Ecommerce platforms and Service providers to adopt PIRL as payment option for their offered products and services.  

Unlike some of the existing payment processing solutions in blockchain ecosystem, “PirlPay” will allow you to directly link it to your wallet through Poseidon account and operate fast, easy and secure.

“PirlPay” payment processing will be utilized into PIRL All-In-One platform which will provide various decentralized applications for File storage, Entertainment, Communication and Peer-to-peer escrow protected trading.



A buyer picks an item from the marketplace and proceeds to purchase. If he or she uses “PirlPay”  as a payment option, it transfers and locks the required PIRL into a smart contract. When the smart contract terms are fulfilled, the seller receives the payment in PIRL.

Web Store:

A unique feature of “PirlPay”  is that any store on the internet can implement it as a checkout option. This means that even if something is being sold for fiat, the gateway will calculate the amount of PIRL equal to the fiat asking price, and transfer that amount of PIRL to the seller. Plugins that enables “PirlPay” will be available for various popular shopping carts.

Mobile Payments

“PirlPay”  with all of its features will also be completely accessible through all popular mobile devices.

Development and Beta testing:

We have laid the foundations and are looking for community involvement in the testing phase.

PIRL philosophy is built around its community we would like to allow you to participate in shaping “PirlPay” through testing, suggestions and bug reports.

If you are willing to join the beta you can do it by filling up this google form :

Once Beta is open participants who signed through the form will receive an email with details.

Whats Next ?

We will take time to run a continuous testing and shape “PirlPay” together into innovative, fast, easy to use and secure tool for wide adoption.

Further down the road “PirlPay” will play a role in direct connection of Pirl to Fiat.

Once all features and specifications are final we will finish development and announce the official launch together with complete specifications.

Best regards,


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