A Successful Giveaway, Plans For The Future And Some History

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The /r/Pirl Subreddit: A successful giveaway (200 Subscribers in 3 days!), Plans for the future and some Pirl history.

Someone once told me no blog post is good without a piece of personal story.. So I’ll start from when I joined Pirl and then give everyone a view of how our subreddit has evolved in the last few months.

Thanks to my good friend Johnny (who’s known for his hawk-eye on investments with potential), I found Pirl a month before it’s launch. The concept was very interesting and the fact the team were working on something that had a solid roadmap made it even more worth my while. And so we were all set on the day of launch and mined to our heart’s content when Pirl went live – a fair launch, a lot of miners who had moved in cause of the positive word of mouth and we also had brought some over.

In all fairness, it wasn’t an easy launch – there were hiccups related to the availability of a working-windows wallet. A crew known for it’s Fear-Uncertainty-Doubt antics, was present in full force spewing the usual venom to scare miners away as well. But through all the madness that was on Slack on launch day, the team kept their calm helping the miners and numerous others in setting up Linux wallets – sometime setting them up on behalf of the miners, configuring their rigs and marching on giving little heed to the Fudders.

What did I see? I saw resilience, I saw their commitment to their product, I saw real potential and I saw a solid team emerge in the melee. Now that I am part of the team and in hindsight, these minor launch issues were a blessing in disguise for the team – it brought them even closer, working hard to get one release after the other out. And a burning desire to make a product that will stand out and one that has a clear use case for its customers.

Sometime around this time, as a redditor (one of my other 7 avatars (:wink:)), I saw a huge possibility for the community to grow and thrive on Reddit. For some successful cryptos, reddit has been the epitome of community involvement. One doesn’t have to look beyond Dogecoin to see how reddit can act as vehicle to drive community action and collective intent to fruition. Although I started working on the subreddit a week after launch, I redesigned the /r/Pirl subreddit and formally joined the team on the 30th of October as CM responsible for managing /r/Pirl.

My first order of business now that the subreddit was redesigned –  Conceptualize and roll out a phased campaign to grow our community on Reddit and keeping them engaged. The thoughts running in my head was more or less – How do we accomplish this? What kind of approach makes more sense for /r/Pirl to grow and has some tangible benefit for the community at the same time?

We brainstormed and we brainstormed some more..! After a couple of drafts, reviews, inputs from everyone on the team – the “Sharing is Caring” campaign for /r/Pirl was born!

Where am originally from, we have saying – “Sit properly before you stretch your legs, lest you fall” –  our initial goal was something along these lines.  With a view to keep our goals pragmatic, we aimed to reach 200 subscribers by the end of Phase I of the campaign which was supposed to last a month.  We had about 20-25 Subscribers when I started working on redesigning the subreddit and this had already grown to around 60 by the time of the campaign.

The Phase I campaign was simple: Do You like Pirl? Then you have a reason as to why you think Pirl is gonna rock cryptoland! Let us know through a post, a comment and a subscription, we give you 10 Pirls as a token of our love for the community. 

Awesome posters were designed by our in-house designer, @Arsonic, @Cryptoduke ensured this was promoted well on twitter. We announced the giveaway on our Discord channel and on our community forums. Behind the scenes, we also setup a tracking system in discord to track posts on the subreddit and setup a new channel to pay out our winner. And like that.. the giveaway was launched on 8th of November 2017

And your response? ….Your response blew us away! We hit the 200 subscriber target in under 3 full days.

As you can see, we hit a 1k unique page visit on our subreddit this month!

(source: stats /r/pirl – reddit)
(source: stats /r/pirl – reddit)

We paid out everyone who claimed the winnings on our Discord channel. We been overwhelmed by the response and the support you have shown Pirl. And it tells us we are doing something right!.

At the time of this post , we are 226 strong on reddit and continuing to grow with some momentum from our 1st Phase.

Why /r/Pirl Matters and WIIITF-Y (What Is In It For You)?           

I’ll keep this short and sweet – as this is probably what will interest you the most:

  1. /r/Pirl will always have the latest updates and news : Our CMs work almost around the clock to ensure the community gets notified at the earliest on any important news/releases.
  2. /r/Pirl is a community crypto – its for and by the people; what better forum to raise your queries, have a live interactive discussion with the dev community and not just learn more about Pirl, but also actively contribute to its growth.
  3. We value feedback and we believe there is no Pirl without You! Our subreddit will be a forum for raising constructive criticism and suggestions for the team.
  4. Community, community, community – that’s a key focus for us. This is a place for the community to come up with initiatives, to build consensus and even to raise funds in the future for social initiatives. You will have our full support for driving community focused programs and recommendations. Just post and let us know!
  5. /r/Pirl is/will be moderated to ensure we keep it safe and clean for everyone. But that doesn’t mean we stifle free speech; we’ll only ensure conversations don’t go off tangent or verge on harassment.
  6. As the world’s 8th most visited website, we believe reddit will be an excellent platform for spreading the word on Pirl. And we need your help as our community to do it.

So…What’s Next?

Good news! We are not done yet. Phase II of the Sharing-is-Caring campaign is being given finishing touches and will be launched in a month’s time.

You could say that we are in an organic growth phase currently and the next phase of the campaign will focus on spreading the word of our product and community across the bigger crypto currency / blockchain / developer marketplace subreddits.
Bigger rewards are in store for the community! So watch this space for more news!!

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