5 Reasons Cryptocurrency Is Here To Make Our Lives Better

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Give People Control Of Their Own Money.

There is a big part of world population that is wary of banks and financial institutions, however due to numerous factors, keeping all of their cash in their homes isn`t the best option. Any sign of economic crisis, though, can cause serious stress and concerns about their savings.

Cryptocurrency allows people to have full control of their money and be able to transfer it from the banks and back.This digital value is not subject to the rules and regulations imposed by banks and other financial institutions.Cryptocurrencies can give back the control in peoples hands.

Faster And Cheaper Transfer Of Value.

We are living in a century of technological advancement and world digitalization. When we want to transfer money worldwide however, we are yet using methods that are slow and expensive. We are forced to pay various fees for transfer,exchange and other. It can still take some transfers a week or longer to clear and be deposited – especially if the transfer is international. On some services the fees can exceed 10% of the transferred value.

Cryptocurrency allows you to send value comfortably sitting in your home to any part of the world – fast, cheap and secure.

Improving E-commerce Experience.

There is hardly any part of us that is not using the ease of e-commerce to supply their needs, without having to go shop to shop searching for the right product and price.

Cryptocurrency can reduce risks of fraud for shoppers and vendors while using the ease of e-commerce in your day-to-day shopping.

The transactions made through crypto are irreversible and there is a immutable public record. Another point is the ease of using cryptocurrency in e-commerce for world-wide business.

Improve Security And Minimize Fraud

Cryptocurrencies were founded on principles of security and privacy. While there have been several prominent instances of fraud within the space, the fact that it is constantly evolving has ensured that security measures are always working to combat the next possible attack. And because cryptocurrencies are not associated with a bank account or cash funds, and because they’re only transferred electronically through blockchain ledger systems, they are likely to reduce fraud overall in the future.


Inflation Is Unlikely

All traditional currency experiences inflation because of economies shift prices and governments continue to print more money. PIRL and other cryptocurrency do not experience this as much because there is a finite number of minable PIRL. It was programmed with monetary policy implementation limiting the total supply of PIRL and outlining the details on PIRL issuance.  

The transparency in coin issuance is inevitable, new coins cannot be introduced to the supply, while we cannot know how many fiat over time.

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