A Little About Masternodes, And Hosting Options

As you all know, Pirl will soon be deploying masternodes, entering beta testing on December 11.  Everyone has been very excited for this big step in Pirl’s development,and things are progressing nicely. While a lot of the specific information regarding the functions or Pirl masternodes is yet to be released, there are general purposes that can […]

Insights Of A Crypto Enthusiast, Miner And Trader

Why #PIRL? Insights of a Crypto enthusiast, miner and trader… What is PIRL ? Pirl is fairly new project that caught my attention in Mid-November, I was brought to it following my miner interest. Shortly after I decided to start on my deep insights investigation of the project which would make me decide the faith […]

Rules Of 1000 Pirl Giveaway

Show us what you`ve got! 1000 PIRL Giveaway! As we just stepped into the season of miracles, we can already see them working for our community! The last few days we witnessed tremendous interest in PIRL and the greatest community support a project could wish to have! In order to celebrate, we welcome you to […]