Diver dev diary

Diver dev diary

For all who don't want to enter discord we will post the entries of the dev diary in here :



Dear Diary, yesterday and today ive designed the database for the diver. Today ill also try to finish the job to fill the database.


Dear Diary, today ive managed to bring the WebsocketServer up and running. first functions to serve data to the new Explorer Frontend are also finished. It was a good day.

indiealexh - pools.hppcg.com-09.11.2017

Dear Diary, Today I started work in the communication later between the diver front end and @chrisno 's diver server. Tomorrow I hope to finish implementing all the methods for the Alpha ready for a public Alpha preview next week.


Dear Diary, today @Zalli and I have managed to fill up the block-Table in the Database for the Diver. Next step is to fill in the Transactions. GoGoGo
First tests with the Websocket Server - API and filled DB was succesful. Also The BroadcastFunction of the WebsocketServer does his job nicely.

its a great fun to code this sort of software. CYA Tomorrow

Yours Chrisno

indiealexh - pools.hppcg.com-09.11.2017

Dear Diary, Today I steal all @chrisno 's work and use It to make pretty things happen


indiealexh - pools.hppcg.com-09.11.2017

Dear Diary, Saw @chrisno work. Looks good. Small adjustments to make to meet in the middle, but we are on course for Alpha early next week


chrisno-letzten Freitag um 13:01 Uhr

Dear Diary, today(API day) till now ive implemented the json-rpc standard. Error handling is finished also. I need a break(and a beer, i think)... after that i'll help @Zalli with the transaction import. CU


chrisno-letzten Montag um 04:45 Uhr

Dear diary, today i woke up early (03:15am, cause of the dog) ... so lets get some stuff finished. Diver API will be finished with the first core functions till the end of the day. Greetz

indiealexh - pools.hppcg.com-letzten Montag um 22:52 Uhr

Dear Diary, Today I hooked up the API to the Diver front end. Now I need to load the block data into it for displaym


chrisno-letzten Dienstag um 20:08 Uhr

Dear Diary, today @Zalli and I have managed to finish the first working version of the diver- api, import to DB Script and websocket working together. All online on our internal test Server ... that was fun ! Now we'll test and maybe do the one or other little thing... release is near. Greetz

indiealexh - pools.hppcg.com-letzten Dienstag um 20:13 Uhr

Dear Diary, Today I am working on implementing as much of the API as I can to be able to release Alpha Diver.

indiealexh - pools.hppcg.com-gestern um 01:55 Uhr

Dear Diary, I just finished the data loader. Its purpose is to ensure you can use the app to search before the connection to the API is ready and that the data load doesnt lag your browser or the application itself.


chrisno-heute um 10:31 Uhr

Dear Diary, today ive done the last optimizations on Diver-Backend.. All core functions are up and running.

chrisno-heute um 11:29 Uhr

Dear Diary, lets start with additional Features. Ive added the Richlist to the api. This will be fun to see. Greetz


indiealexh - pools.hppcg.com-heute um 17:14 Uhr

Dear Diary, Today I will be releasing Diver Alpha for people to get the feel of and help guide Development as Implement more of the API.


indiealexh - pools.hppcg.com-heute um 21:03 Uhr

Dear Diary, Things are going well. I will shortly Implement rich list. Then ready for alpha deploy

indiealexh - pools.hppcg.com-heute um 01:03 Uhr

@everyone Diver Alpha is ready for your perusal! https://alpha.diver.pirl.io/ this release has only three main features at this time: - Block lookup by block number. - Rich list - Current block height Please report any bugs in help and support channel and @tag myself. Have fun!

indiealexh - pools.hppcg.com-heute um 02:43 Uhr

Dear Diary, Race conditions, Dinners ready! Such a problem.

indiealexh - pools.hppcg.com-heute um 16:01 Uhr

Dear Diary, Another diver alpha release going out later today. This will include address lookup and transaction lookup.